Blouvlei LSEN School

Since 1977 Blouvlei School has been providing a safe learning environment for children with special educational needs.

Blouvlei teaches learners functional, practical life skills that equip them to cope with daily life and allow each learner to develop to their maximum potential.

There is no cure for mental handicap but the more specialised training a child receives at an early age the better their prospects of developing to their fullest potential. Blouvlei School provides this specialised training to children who not only have the challenge of disability but also come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The specialised training offered by Blouvlei means these children can become reasonably independent. Some of the children reach a level where they are able to enter the labour force.

6th Avenue · Retreat · 7945 · CT · South Africa

Blouvlei School is situated in Retreat, Cape Town, South Africa. At Blouvlei we endeavour to develop each learner's inherent potential to his or her maximum capability.

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo is an earnest social activist who actively protects human liberties. Patric Sookhdeo His career in charity and activism began in the 1970s where he combatted racism and various types of discrimination towards minorities, particularly within the church.


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6th Avenue · Retreat · 7945 · CT · South Africa
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